How Social Media Automation Boosts Productivity and Your Business

Social media has dominated our lives. In a way, it was inevitable. The statistics support it too – according to the Datareportal Global Overview 2021 report, 4.2 billion people are considered active social media users. That is more than half of the globe’s current population! With this much ‘traffic’, social media marketing and social media automation should be part of your business strategy. It just makes sense.

Table of Contents

  1. Reach – and be reached – by your audience faster
  2. Build brand awareness more cost-effectively
  3. React to the market sooner
  4. Plan and execute social media efforts better
  5. Boost staff productivity by managing various social media activities across multiple platforms

What is Social Media Automation?

Social media automation is the process of streamlining and automating social media activities to achieve the best possible results from various social media marketing efforts. It helps a business save on time, effort, and costs as it engages in activities such as building brand awareness, acquiring leads, and fostering customer journeys in various social media channels.

Let’s dive into these benefits in more detail, shall we?

5 Ways Social Media Automation Increases Productivity and Your Bottomline

social media marketing automation

1. REACH – and be reached – by your audience faster.

As mentioned above, most people are spending time on social media. You can say that social media platforms are now the new office watercooler.

So if you want to communicate something to your market (e.g., news, trends, offers, etc.), your social media profiles are some of the fastest channels to do so. Automation helps here, by giving you the ability to plan and schedule these announcements in advance for all your profiles.

And of course, this ‘reach’ goes both ways. Social media enables your audience to communicate with you in a faster, more direct, and even more casual way. And that can be gold.

2. BUILD brand awareness more cost-effectively.

In the old days, a brand awareness campaign was a MASSIVE endeavor. It usually involved dozens of people, an enormous amount of funds, and a long time-line. The beauty of social media is that you can create a brand awareness campaign on a much smaller, and much faster, scale.

However, remember that the mindset of people on different platforms vary greatly. As such, awareness efforts need to be tweaked per platform. Are you imagining the overhead right now? Well, don’t.

Social media automation tools and services help in creating, scheduling, and managing such campaigns easily.

3. REACT to the market sooner.

Is there something new trending or going viral at the moment? If you wait, that trend is going… going… gone! before you can put something together to benefit from the hype.

Social media marketing automation tools can help because from ONE platform you can quickly access various resources to quickly come up with something you can post – ASAP!

4. PLAN and EXECUTE social media efforts better.

Instead of posting your campaigns by the hour, schedule your posts on all your social channels at once (daily, weekly, or even monthly) and let the power of automated social media posting really work for you.

Remember that regularity and consistency are important. Posting once a month is not good practice at all. You must regularly communicate with your audience so that you stay relevant and that they keep coming back to you. Social media automation tools are exactly what you need to accomplish this.

5. BOOST staff productivity by managing various social media activities across multiple platforms – in one place.

Social media scheduling app can be one powerful business management tool. You see, an effective social media marketing effort will not make use of just ONE platform. Oh no, your business should engage in A LOT of them.

Just imagine all the logins, passwords, content, images, messages, captions, etc. associated with all of that! And that’s just the ‘content assets’.

How about all the people involved in such an endeavor, such as content managers, brand strategists, writers, graphics artists, and so on?

In business, if you can’t manage and stay on top of things – that’s wasted time and money.

Social media automation helps a business keep track of its 101 social media initiatives. So truly, if you want to launch a social media marketing effort, automation should be part fit. It just makes sense.