Schedule your social media posts to save time.

No more wasted time on managing your social media. Peacekeeper offers a full suite of tools to help you post quickly and effectively to all popular social media platforms.

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Discover which features Peacekeeper offers that will make managing your social media a breeze


Create categories to group all of your accounts together. You can schedule posts to be posted to individual accounts and categories – or both at the same time.

Visual management

Use our calendar view to manage all your posts in the same place. In this view, you can created, edit and delete posts.


Upload and edit royalty-free images from one our partners directly in the interface. We have integrations with Dropbox, Pexels, Unsplash and Pixabay.

Visual management

Clicking and searching through multiple menus to find the thing that you’re looking for sucks. That’s why we created an easy to use interface, where you create, edit and delete posts. All in one place.

Other great features


No hassle posting

No need for apps, notifications or emails. You schedule the post in Peacekeeper and we handle the rest.

Supported platforms

With Peacekeeper you can schedule posts to all Instagram accounts, Facebook profiles and Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn profiles, Pinterest and LinkedIn companies.

Repeating posts

Set up a post once and have it get posted on a regular interval. This comes in handy for themed posts, i.e. throwback thursday.



Use timeslots to set the times & days when you want posts to be posted for an account. After setting up, you’ll only need to click the schedule button and we’ll calculate the next available timeslot.



Set up comments that will automatically be commented after posting the post itself. You can use this to post hashtags, interact with your community or start a Twitter thread.

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